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    Seven Bridges Realty
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     by Matt
    5 stars isn't enough!

    It's hard to overstate how low my expectations were when it came time to sell my house. So low in fact, that I'd literally procrastinated for several *years* before finally deciding to put my house on the market.

    I knew what to expect: buyer shenanigans, inspections, plenty of waiting, and perhaps worst of all an agent who simply asked "what would you like to do?" before collecting their 3%. Sorry, but for the effort of putting a listing on the internet, and a little help with paperwork, 3% seems awfully high.

    Luckily amongst the agents I talked to, I found Liz. She didn't just facilitate a fantastic outcome, she literally restored my faith in real estate agents.

    There's going to be problems, no one can change that. But Liz brings experience and great insight. It was clear she cared about my interests, cared about my house, and cared very deeply about a good outcome. With each problem we encountered, she outlined the options, and gave recommendations. She has opinions, and to be clear, that is a good thing. We're talking about hugely signficant personal financial transaction, do you really want a wet noodle at your side? I was very glad to have Liz offer her advice and opinions, but never pressure me one way or the other. Every decision was mine.

    She stays on top everything that needs to be dealt with, and stays in good communication through it all. I live an hour outside town, but never felt disconnected from the process in any way.

    Ultimately, there is no way I would have gotten such a great final sale price without Liz. Period. Without her help and the ton of work she put in, I would have probably bumbled through numerous bad decisions and mistakes.

    I highly recommend Liz to anyone buying or selling a home. Without even thinking twice, I will call her the next time I need to buy or sell.

     by Leif
    Excellent experience

    I am a DIY guy — admittedly, to excess. There are very few responsibilities that I enjoy allowing others to take on for me. I have a terrible haircut that gets progressively worse in the back to prove it.

    When we initially talked to Liz about representing us for the sale of our house, my attitude was no different. I simplified the role of an agent when talking with friends and rationalized her position by saying that I was too busy with other things to do it myself.

    I could not have been more wrong. You WIll NOT! exceed her gusto for the sale of your home! We had a bunch of work that she encouraged us to do before we listed our home. A month into the process of preparing our house for market, I called her and said that we were running out of enthusiasm for getting the house ready and that we wanted to list the home as is. The next day she showed up with a bunch of her friends, rocked out to Neil Diamond, and cleaned and painted all of the basement walls and floors. The following days… she was just there. Cleaning, touching up paint, doing dump runs… This is only part of what separates her from someone that takes some pictures and lists a home.

    Beyond her helpfulness, she proved to be very knowledgeable in real estate strategy. We were selling in a competitive buyers market and she listed our home at a price point that she though would produce a bidding war. We were shocked and very pleased with the results of her strategy.

    We are committed to working with Liz in all of our real estate dealings moving forward. It has been a wonderful experience!

     by Alysha
    Very rewarding experience

    Liz helped us with the purchase and sale of our first home. When we purchased our home, it was early winter and not a lot was available to buy. She was able to set us up with a fixer upper not yet on the market. Fast forward three years and after a LOT of work, we were relocating and ready to think about selling our home. She came in full energy and helped us determine what projects to finish that weren’t yet complete. We knew we were taking on a lot while currently living 2 hours away but we also knew to trust her. The process was a lot of work, but Liz was right there taking loads to the dump with her husband, painting, cleaning, checking in on us frequently and offering encouragement. Sometimes we’d wonder if we took on too much. Would the effort pay off? “Without a crystal ball I can’t say for sure” she would say, but then offer comps so we could make an educated decision on what to do. We opted to do what Liz suggested, and we sold the house in three days, receiving the eventual winning bid on the first day. It was such a rewarding experience. One of my favorite parts was getting to know Liz through this experience, and meeting some her friends. One in particular, Becky, spent an entire day helping us paint. It felt like a project I just wasn’t going to get to. It was so clutch and I almost felt embarrassed by the show of help. Thank you Liz and all of those you surround yourself with that also helped. It wouldn’t have been the success it was without your expertise and hustle.

     by Kaitlyn Ungerecht
    Extremely satisfied!

    Liz went above and beyond with helping us purchase a home. She was persistently working with us on Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day to ensure we were well taken care of. Anytime we had a question or concern, Liz was immediately at our side to help. We began our search and purchased exactly what we were looking for within a month. She gave us both guidance and independence to make decisions. Liz also has interior design experience, so she offered plenty of tips and ideas with remodeling our home. We are lucky to have gotten to work with such a dedicated professional.

     by Virginia MacDonald
    Over and Beyond service!

    Liz helped us navigate the ins and outs of every aspect of the buying process while my husband and I live in a different country, different time-zone with ridiculously consuming jobs - in the middle of a pandemic! If it weren't for her diligence, great communication, understanding of the needs of a multi-generational household and emotional intelligence I don't think we could have made it through this process. Liz has an obvious love for Duluth and I feel like we are neighbors, heck, family already. Thank you, thank you, thank you

     by Hannah

    I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Liz. I sold my home with her a year ago and it was only on the market for a couple months! I now consider Liz a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone searching/and or selling a home. She was a pleasure to work with and very hands on when it came to her work ethic! She went above and beyond our expectations even when we ran into issues due to selling an old home!

     by Kala Pedersen

    Liz is an absolutely incredible realtor turned friend and I am so lucky to have purchased my second home with her knowledge and expertise. I feel grateful to leave a review on her behalf. She is extremely responsive and is always willing to go the extra mile. Liz was always patient with every single question I had (which was a lot) and took the time to explain things in a way that was very understandable. I could not recommend her more to anyone--whether you are a first time home buyer, a 5th time home buyer, a seller or anything in between-Liz is your person.

     by kelly

    If you are looking for a realtor, stop right now and ask Liz to represent you. She has a very special energy that lifted me up and carried me through the entire selling process. My house was very dear to me, and Liz not only professionally and knowledgably guided me through the details of the listing and closing, she also offered comfort and wisdom throughout the emotional process of letting go. I have lived in Duluth for 32 years, and have worked with other area realtors regarding various real estate transactions, and Liz Kratz is by far the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I never hesitated to choose her when I decided to sell my beloved custom-built lake home. Her list of comparable homes was spot on, her recommendation for asking price was fair and well-researched, and I received a full-price offer within two weeks of listing. I love that Liz owns her own company; I feel that this really enables her to offer intensely personal service to her clients and allows her to give the customary 110% for which she is well known. Thank you, Liz, from the bottom of my heart for helping me to sell my wonderful home at an amazing price, and for your endless energy and attention to detail. Will you now please move to Montana so you can help me find my next home...?

     by Gerald and Terri
    Are you sure?

    Our home had been on the market for six months and we hadn't received even one offer. We switched to Seven Bridges Realty and set Liz loose. She evaluated our current listing and closely inspected our property. Liz put together a list of things that she recommended we change. I know I said are you sure dozens of times while the recommended work was being completed. Once it hit the market we has several offers within the first few days and ended up accepting a full price offer. Thank you Liz for knowing what people want and the ability to get the deal done.

     by Hannah Evancy
    Liz is amazing!

    My family has worked with Liz on selling a couple of properties. The last one was done long distance and I couldn’t have done it without her. Not only did she have recommendations on how to prepare the house to sell but she also jumped in there and did quite a bit of work herself to get our house listed in a timely manner. She also went above and beyond to keep in constant communication with us so we knew where we were in the process. She took the time to listen to our needs, wants and expectations. We highly recommend her!!

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